You may have heard this iCloud bypassing if you are an iDevice seller or a second-hand user of an iDevice. ICloud bypassing means a technique or a tool which is capable of removing the iCloud Activation lock from any iDevice without entering the relevant Apple ID, username or password.

What is the importance of iCloud Bypass?

Apple devices are activated with an Apple ID and a password when buying any iOS devices you will have to create an iCloud account by using these details. After that, only the owner of the device can log in to the iCloud or can unlock the device. iOS providers introduce this feature to facilitate privacy and confidentiality over the data on iCloud and iDevices use by their customers. As well as this method works as an anti-theft caution since there is no point of stealing any iDevice without knowing the real user’s Apple ID, username and password.

How to enable the Activation lock in your device?

If your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device got stolen or lost the first thing you need to do is enable the Activation lock in your device. You can do this by logging in to the iCloud of yours through the browser.

If you can remember the login details you can easily do the necessary things and mark your device as safe. But if you are out of memory about your Apple ID and password then you are in real trouble. Now your device is somewhere else that you have no idea and all your private data are inside your device.

Don’t worry we bring you a simple solution. You can use iCloud Bypass tool to remove the lock and log in to the iCloud and enable the lost mode on your lost device.

You can go through the following steps when doing the unlocking process.

As the first thing, you need to find the IMEI number of your device. If you do not remember the IMEI of your device you will be able to find it on the box of the device. Or else in some iDevices such as iPhone 5 and above versions the IMEI of the device is printed on the Back. It is better to keep the IMEI of the device written somewhere else because if your device is lost IMEI number will be required in case of finding the device.

Then you need to find out the model of the device that you need to unlock. Then you can use the removal tool to accomplish the unlocking process. You will have to do a small payment for the service.

After two or three days you will receive an email confirming that the unlocking is completed.

How to do an iCloud Bypass?

If you are unable to do the whole unlocking process you can use the iCloud Bypass method. iCloud bypassing is a kind of hacking the device to make it set for running different software on the device. No need to have a Sim card entered in the device when doing this trick. Icloud DNS bypassing is the easiest bypassing method.

After doing a DNS bypassing on your device you will be able to watch videos, browsing. Playing games, chatting, etc.